“You wouldn’t happen to be a part of an advanced society of tiny people living in the woods, would you? Some are more advanced then others.”

1951 opera gloves

1951 opera gloves

A blog is a tricky thing.  Public yet personal.  This is about me wanting the wardrobe of dresses I’ve always dreamed of wearing.  I’ve been inspired by many other lovely women who are out there in the world doing the same thing.  However one particularly delightful blogger has inspired me to set about this with a bit more determination.

I’ve been sewing over the past years but never for myself because the body that I had after 3 children was a stranger to me.  However, I’m rising to the challenge — full bust adjustments and all.  The real question will be if I can wear well all the styles I love so dearly.  I’ve read all the fashion “rules” that say what you can and can’t wear if you are short, busty, curvy, short-waisted, long-waisted, etc, etc, ad nauseum.  The fact is after I read all the rules I discovered that I can’t wear anything.

My love for the American musical and theatre in general has been the foundation for my love of period garments.  So I lean towards clothes that really don’t suit my daily life.  So that will be my other challenge – dressing in a fun, feminine and sometime elegant or glamourous style that will still fit my lifestyle.

So this blog is going to be about my journey as I sew up the beautiful dresses that I long to wear.  As I  refresh my skills and learn new ways to fit this new mommy body I will probably attempt some different styles too.  My main interest is in vintage fashions.  Mainly the styles of the 1950’s I think.

I’ll also be paying tribute to the brilliant bloggers who have inspired me to take this on and the movies, shows and books that inspire me.  I’m sure the blog will evolve as I learn the ropes of keeping up with one of these things and learning to live with photographs of myself too.  I’ll be learning  my way around WordPress too.

The many wonderful sewing challenges throughout the internet sewing community will also keep me on my toes. I’ve joined one this month to get me started.  LuckyLucille is hosting a vintage sew-along focusing on sewing with cotton.  Come by and see what some other wonderful sewing lovers are creating this month.

I hope you’ll have fun reading and watching.  By the way, my current avatar is an image of Janis Paige from ‘Silk Stockings’.  I’ll get me up there eventually.

My thanks go out to Dolly Clackett, The Glamourous Housewife, Gertie and so many other bloggers for giving me the inspiration I needed.


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