“The Canadian Rockies? Don’t you remember, I already haven’t been there.”

1950s-womans-wardrobe planned

Are you the type that plans out what you’re going to wear tomorrow?  I have never been this type of person.  My mom tried it with me in the way, way back time but it has never clicked for me as an adult.  The exception to that statement is my time in the Army — uniforms are handy like that.  In the same way some folks are about eating, I can’t decide what to where tomorrow until tomorrow, unless its a big event where I get to wear something special.

The weather and how I’m physically feeling play a part in the decision.  Frankly, part of the problem these days is that all my clothes are unappealing.  I literally hate all the clothes I have to wear.  It’s for this reason that I’m determined to make clothes I love, but I don’t want to be impractical about it.

Last year I bookmarked this great post from Sunny at A Fashionable Stitch about sewing up an ‘Everyday Wardrobe’.   It spoke to me because it addressed many of the issues I have when I’m looking into my closet.  Full disclosure requires that I admit that the formal and non-daily wear that is in my closet is either too old and delicate or too small to fit my current figure.  I can’t part with them because they are truly beautiful vintage pieces in stunning fabrics or they are emotional hooks to fond memories.  Sunny has a closet full of stunning clothes that are apparently not suited to her daily life and she decided to do something about it.  So far it appears she has succeeded fabulously!  I say, “me too, me too!!”

One of the advantages of the Army was not having to think too hard about what to wear.  Since I had a desk job in a hospital I was able to wear a Class A uniform (which consists of a skirt and blouse) or BDU’s.   Even at their best women’s uniforms were not particularly becoming — unless you were in the military for MGM.

2013 Women in Class A UniformsEsther Williams 'Skirts Ahoy'

As a busy, busy mom, I love the idea of a daily uniform but more colorful and with alot more detail and swooshy skirts.  The hunt for the perfect shoe is on as well.  What are your feelings about a “daily uniform” and what does that look like for your lifestyle?



2 responses to ““The Canadian Rockies? Don’t you remember, I already haven’t been there.”

  1. When I was in high school, I think I actually would’ve killed for a uniform, you can sleep in and not have to worry about picking things out, don’t have to worry about looking ‘cool’, but now that I’m older I definitely like the freedom of choosing what I want to wear each day (even if it does give me a headache first thing in the am). BUT, like you, I seriously can’t pick things out ahead of time, it’s all dependent on the way I’m feeling as I’m getting dressed.

    – Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

  2. I had to wear a uniform at school while growing up. Now that I have the freedom to chose what to wear, I really enjoy it! At first, I struggled picking outfits, but over time I became more comfortable and I would have never known that I would host a fashion blog in the future. ha ha…

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