Sinful Caesar, sipped his snifter, seized his knees and sneezed!


I’m struggling.  Getting my projects for this month finished is proving very difficult.  I have not given up but I’m not seeing light at the end of the tunnel.

It’s not for lack of desire – believe me it is NOT that, but more that my family seems to have a talent for needing me the most when I have something I really want to get done for myself.   The change of weather allergy/asthma/colds have set in.

However, I can read while I rub backs and run my fingers through hair (Thing #2’s favorite comfort) and even while cooking up bone broth and tea.

Matthew Taylor drew my attention with his post ‘Where Are the Mentors?’  Where indeed?  Here’s the thing  that I was elated about!  I have found that within this on-line sewing community there are hundreds of mentors.  How excellent is that?

Mr. Taylor found there to be two likely reasons for this lack of mentors today, the first being that some folks can’t help others because they have no idea how they ended up where they are today.  The second was way more depressing – they know just how they got there and have no intention of sharing that information.

The on-line sewing community has been praised from within it’s own ranks for being incredibly generous with any and all information that might allow a fellow sewist to succeed.  Whatever the help needed, there seems to be an inter-connection between sewing enthusiasts, both amateur and professional, that makes typical networking look more like the mean-girls in highschool.

In the past six or seven years  I’ve been reading and following dozens, if not hundreds of  sewing blogs.  I have seen so much support that its hugely uplifting to imagine myself to be one of them.  Careers have blossomed in front of my eyes and each one of those individuals has been open and quite generous in answering the queries of their followers/fans on how it happened.  In many cases these folks have been so transparent that the education was like sitting in on a class on what & what not to do if you’re seeking a career in this business.

I’ve watched the birth and/or growth of Sewaholic, Gertie, Colette, Cake, Tilly, Sunni, Katrina and By Hand London and so many others!  Other sewists have interviewed these ladies and other sewing world professionals to open up the behind the curtains information on this industry.   In each case that I’ve seen, there has been an honest and helpful attitude from each one — ideal mentor material!

While each one of the sewists who have started out blogging may not have intended to become a mentor, they have all stepped up when they could, even the novices!  They have inspired, guided and encouraged all the rest of us.

Sites like Craftsy and The Amazings have popped up allowing us to learn terrific skills from a variety of people.  Professionals and amateurs who many of us would not be able to travel to take classes with — HELLO!  Susan Khalje, Kenneth D. King, Angela Wolf, Sandra Betzina, Natalie Chanin  and so many more!  I would never have imagined 10 years ago that I would be able to take a class with any of these craftsmen!

So Mr. Taylor, while I don’t disagree with what you’ve put forth in your article, I hope you will find encouragement from the community of sewists online.  We all seem to be stitching together!

Photo credits from top to bottom, left to right (cuz I don’t know how do insert links in a collage LOL)

Wish me luck on finishing up my September projects.



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